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The Nectars


Born in the shadow of New York City; some 20 miles west of its lavish neon clutches, The Nectars climbed out of the tangle of New Jersey suburbs and into the local indie rock consciousness. With the band, still under a year since inception, they’ve already mercilessly conquered dozens of shows, most notably a month long residency at NYC nightlife staple, Pianos. Brainchild of Jon Paul (Bass/Vocals) and Mike “Mad Dog” Montalbano (Drums), The Nectars are already proving to be one of those special bands that are conceived in a basement¬†and end up in an arena.

After recruiting friend and veteran session musician Michael Baron (Guitar) the boys were eager to complete the imagined quartet with an effervescent front. In comes Jessica Kenny (Vocalist/Front Woman) and childhood friend of Mikes. Processing a raw vocal prowess rarely found in someone who’s first legal drink was just a few months ago, the band was finally ready for anything. Now, with scores of crowds firmly under their collective belt and an EP in the works this is one band you shouldn’t miss in 2017!




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