The TV show Britannia was a big hit for Sky Atlantic and so it’s been confirmed for a second season. Following on from that, Neil Davidge will be composing the music for this one as well.

Britannia was a much-needed hit for Atlantic, with the premiere episode of Jez Butterworth’s series amassing an audience of 1.88 million.

“The first series of Britannia brought Jez’s unique vision to life,” said Sky’s Commissioning Editor for Drama Cameron Roach, in a statement. “The series is a tale of clashing faith systems, torn apart families, mystic men and fearsome queens, all told with humour, heart, epic drama and violence. Drama on Sky is about the unexpected, the visceral and the memorable, it’s about stories told in a way you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why we are delighted to be working with Jez and the production team on the next instalment.”

Listen to the soundtrack from Season 1

Watch the trailer of season 1