Premieres on April 16

Disney+ has just released the first trailer for the ultra-relaxing series Earth Moods. The new show, which is a part of Disney’s National Geographic property, will have five episodes that are sure to calm your nerves, all while capturing the beauty of planet Earth. Each episode will cover a different theme, not just a particular landscape of the world. The five episodes are titled “Frozen Calm,” “Night Lights,” “Tropical Serenity,” “Desert Solitude” and “Peaceful Patterns.”

The series will have no narration whatsoever, just drone footage of the beautiful planet we occupy with calming music in the background. The video gives short clips of some of the footage from the series, which includes vast glaciers, pristine beaches, and snowcapped mountaintops. Earth Moods will also take a look at the beauty which can be found in man-made landscapes like nighttime city skylines and eagle-eye views of sports stadiums.

The trailer encourages the viewers to “see,” “hear,” and “feel” the rhythm of the Earth. If this new clip is any indication of what’s to come in the series, it’s serenity on a whole other level. It’s the perfect option for what to put on your TV when you have guests over as background noise, or to unwind while drinking a glass of wine after you suffered eight hours in a 5X5 cubicle.